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Intro to Rubicon Carbon

In this white paper, we outline how Rubicon Carbon brings confidence, scale, and innovation to the voluntary carbon market (VCM). Through our unique offering, we seek to drive climate action by making it easier and safer to include carbon credits as part of a company’s larger net-zero agenda.

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A risk adjustment approach for creating high integrity carbon credits

At Rubicon Carbon we’re committed to bringing integrity and credibility to the voluntary carbon market. Learn more about our revolutionary, risk adjusted method to carbon portfolio management.

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How Rubicon Carbon’s portfolio approach enables meaningful, global carbon removal

The planet has a challenge: to meet our net zero goal by 2050, we need to remove approximately 10 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere. While many emerging nature-based and technology-driven...

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How Rubicon Carbon Evaluates Carbon Credit Projects

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne™ Standard defines the criteria Rubicon Carbon employs to evaluate project quality. In this document, we detail what project attributes we evaluate, how we monitor projects overtime to update our risk calculations, and how we manage and mitigate risks throughout a project’s lifecycle.

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